Types And Applications Of Tablet Machine In India

Tablet machines in India are one of the most important parts of the medical world which is expanding all over India. There are many variations in these machines from the beginning to the end. Tablet machines are also called as tableting machines, medicine punching machines etc.


In medical industries, it is not that easy to utilize tablet machines in India because of their huge size. For proper functioning, they require a lot of space. Without these high scale machines, large scale industries are incomplete. For a patient, it is important to take the medicine in proper amount, at the same time it is very tough estimating the amount of medicine which is in powder form.

Tablet machines are used for different needs in different forms. Though the purpose is different, the functioning is always the same. The task of a tablet machine is to convert granulated material into desired shape and size. Proper shape of the medicine helps us to recognize it for a particular medicine.

Single rotary tableting machine

The top portion of the machine contains acrylic covers and S.S. hood whereas the lower portion contains S.S. covers. Between the compression zone and m/c room, to & fro of dust and noise level are reduced. This machine consists of a die table which produces a tablet for each revolution.

There is no need for foundation for anti vibration mounting. High ductile SG Iron casting is used to make turrent. Large compression zones which are free of paint having plenty of space for ease of cleaning and for accessing the components. Pollution is very high in India.

Punch head may be damaged if dust particles fall on it. So tablet machines in India are protected with upper punch dust covers which avoid dust to fall on the punch head.

There is an electronic total output counter in the control panel. Higher output than standard machine is given by higher turret speed. Operation and maintenance of the machine are easier.

Double rotary tableting machine:

For producing double-sided, engraved or irregular, round tablets in many varieties of shapes, double sided tabletting machines are used.

It consists of a multi station die which keeps on rotating which produces two tablets for every revolution. There is a chance of sophistication because it is combined in one machine. There are many new tablets arising in the medical industry which needs new equipment with new and high functioning mechanism. So, tablet machines in India are being designed keeping in view of today’s tabletting requirements.

To avoid the spill over powder, gun metal feed frames which are highly rigid in nature with sufficient height are used.  There is a needle roller thrust bearing on which the turret rotates, where it is immersed in oil so that there will be no friction while rotating.


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