Standard Operating Procedure To Clean And Maintain Blister Packing Machine

Standard Operating Procedure To Clean And Maintain Blister Packing Machine
Blister packaging offers maximum visibility of products and also protects them from external damage. The demand for blister packing machine is increasing day by day due to its easy operations, affordable nature and safe packaging solutions. Blister packaging is opted by multiple industries across worldwide. There is no one who is not familiar with its significance and why it has reached its height today.

Blister packaging is very thick and protects your product against environmental damage. In last few years, blister packing machine has received a warm response from many industries and retailers. The popular application areas where blister packing machine has utilized the most includes – cosmetics, electronics, baby toys, computer accessories and pharmaceuticals.


To use tablet machines for many years to come, it should be cleaned and maintained properly. You can take help from professionals or you can do it yourself, the choice is yours.

Here is quick procedure to help you –

  1. First of all, switch off the power supply to avoid any wrong happening.
  2. Check carefully and remove every extra item attached with blister machine.
  3. Also, remove scrap or foil pieces if anything is left inside.
  4. Now cover the machine with large polythene bags and move to the washing area.
  5. Now clean the label to maintain maximum hygiene level and clean slowly.
  6. Clean the parts with purified water at least two times and wipe out extra water with a clean cloth.
  7. You should use compressed air jet to clean the machine parts and rub properly with a clean cloth.
  8. There is special liquid available to remove scrap from parts, please use the liquid and clean with a dry cloth once all the water has been drained out completely.

Now you can see yourself maintain blister packing machine is not a tough task, you just have to extra careful and dedicated too.


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